No more boring nights out

Food reviews are a dime a dozen, but can you trust them? Why not place your trust in the hands of people you know? That's why we created RestList - the only app you’ll ever need to find the best restaurants and bars from the people you trust most.


Found the restaurant you know your friend will be obsessed with? Send them a recommendation. Looking for that perfect place to win over your future beau you matched with on your dating app? Check out your friends' reviews on RestList. Ignore the random opinions everywhere else and focus on the people you really trust.


You know those friends who know everything about great spots in every neighborhood, in every city? Those people are made, not born. RestList allows you to flag and share your favorite spots, making it easy to keep track of cream-of-the-crop joints, customized by the people you trust most - your friends.


Group texts are great for recapping good times out on the town, but they're not so great at planning them. RestList cuts through the noncommittal emoji barrage and gets you and your friends out by helping you set a plan. Is it a little Type A? Maybe. Does it get everyone out and off the couch? You’re welcome.